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Utility Locating

Before any ground disturbance, it is essential to locate all private and public utilities. Plans and drawings are often unhelpful, so a thorough utility locate must be performed in order to mitigate risk.

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Concrete Scanning

Rebar, electrical conduits, post-tension cables, and telecommunication conduits are all easily damaged or destroyed without a competent ground penetrating radar operator scanning ahead of time. GPR concrete scanning is both quick and effective. 

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Subsurface Investigations

GPR and EM have numerous other applications that range from locating underground storage tanks (USTs), to determining the depth of road base, to finding unmarked graves, to determining the extent of sub-concrete voiding, to creating 3-dimensional renderings of the subsurface, to plotting electrical conductivity variances. 

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Utility As-Built Updates

Every facility manager is concerned about his buried infrastructure because he knows that utility as-built are never accurate. Enhanced Scanning stays on the cutting edge of the most effective and efficient non-destructive testing methods which makes the problem of pinpointing that buried infrastructure less problematic. 

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Why Choose Us? 

Nobody likes on-site surprises and that’s where Enhanced Scanning comes in. Our clients know us for our exceptional service, timely results, and our emphasis on detail and accuracy. Using cutting-edge technology, our operators have completed thousands of projects throughout the United States. We know any potential client has high expectations and we’re more than qualified to meet them:

  • You’ll work with industry professionals who will communicate with you throughout your project using clear, honest communication.
  • We look to provide a long-term solution for you instead of a quick fix.
  • We prioritize safety over profit, every time.
  • Our highly-trained team members implement GPR and other non-destructive technologies on your site.

2017 Underground Utility Events


Total number of underground utility events that resulted in downtime, damage, or near miss.1

1. Common Ground Alliance 2017 DIRT Report

212, 814

Total number of all events that were a result of poor excavation and/or notification practices.2

2. Common Ground Alliance 2017 DIRT Report


Percent of those who regretted taking a shortcut.3

3. Common Sense. Duh.

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