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An Enhanced Throwback Story: Whale Fossils, Rust, and the Potential of GPR

Did you know you can use ground penetrating radar in paleontology? While it’s not a super common use for GPR, many paleontologists are hopeful about the potential of ground penetrating radar in paleontology. We had the opportunity to put GPR scanning to the test on a very large construction site in Southern California when fossilized […]

Property damage on a job site, showing liability and private utility scanning concept

Private Utility Locating and Property Damage: Who’s Responsible?

The job of a private utility locator may seem cut and dry, but sometimes things get a little murky. Like when it comes to the big “L” – a word that some people in the industry don’t even like to say out loud in case it comes back to haunt them. Yes, we’re talking about […]

Image of a job site in the desert where Enhanced Scanning attempted to find a gas tank buried underground

An Enhanced Throwback Story: The Parable of the Golden Wheat

What tools do we need to find things buried underground? Our most important tool is often information. A few years ago, we got a call from a fellow who needed help finding something buried underground. It was an interesting journey from start to finish that ended up being a tough lesson in locating buried targets. […]

collage of images showing gpr technician determining ground penetrating radar depth

Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Ground Penetrating Radar Depth Explained

Almost every day, we get asked, “How deep can your radar see?” Which is why we decided to tackle ground penetrating radar depth head-on in today’s post. We’ll deep-dive into the world of GPR scanning to explain why questions about GPR depth aren’t as easy to answer as you might think. For the purpose of […]

image of rebar conduit on a job site before PT slab is installed

An Enhanced Throwback Story: Post-Tension Slab Drilling and 130 Cores

Post-tension slab drilling, cutting, and coring can be incredibly dangerous. Not only is there a risk of structural collapse, but you also risk severe injury and death. It’s definitely NOT something you want to play around with. But what happens when you need to drill into post-tension concrete (also called PT concrete)? We had a […]

Collage of images showing different types of water lines for plastic water line locating

Plastic Water Line Locating… aka The “Holy Grail” of Utility Locating

Plastic water line locating is no easy feat. Plastic water lines are non-conductive and about as electrically interesting as dirt. These plastic-based pipes have evaded the grasp of many noble locators throughout the years. This is a problem because, since the eighties, most new water pipes have been made of non-metal, non-conductive plastic. So how […]

tools of the trade for a private utility locator including work boots and gpr wand

What’s the Difference Between a Public and Private Utility Locator?

What’s the difference between a public and private utility locator? And do you really need both? If you’re curious about either of these questions, stick around because we get asked them both… a lot. Public and private utility locating are as different as fraternal twins (meaning, they’re similar, but not identical)! A lot of people […]



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