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image of high-tech manufacturing facility for a utility as-built update

An Enhanced Throwback Story: Sinking Our Teeth Into a Utility As-Built Update

It’s no secret that long-standing buildings hardly remain exactly the same as their original designs. As more rooms or features are added on, the original design becomes less and less accurate—which is when one need for an “as-built” drawing emerges. This drawing, also known as a red-line or record drawing, is simply a drawing that […]

collage of images showing gpr scanning in alaska

An Enhanced Throwback Story: Scanning for Concrete Voids in Central Alaska

Our latest project doing concrete scanning in Alaska presented the opportunity to put our GPR equipment and skills to use in an isolated, rural location.

seismic upgrade concrete scanning

An Enhanced Throwback Story: Indiana Jones and the Seismic Upgrade

Most people who visit this city park ? would never know that under the tennis courts and concrete slab is a massive underground water tank in need of a seismic upgrade. But this subterranean municipal reservoir is where many of those visitors actually get their water from. No one had been inside this water tank […]



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